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Sigourney’s Quest is a novel about a courageous woman, a lost 7th century Buddhist manuscript, and a harrowing journey through Tibet. The manuscript must be brought home by Sigourney Phillips to the Tibetan monastery from which it was taken one hundred years ago. During her quest, she reads the diary of Anne Hopkins, an Englishwoman who secretly entered Tibet by posing as a pilgrim. It was Anne who took the manuscript from Tibet to save it, and her diary provides insight and inspiration to Sigourney during her own journey. The two women’s spirits become intertwined as Sigourney undertakes ordeals similar to the ones described by Anne.


Sigourney’s Quest is filled with physical, emotional and spiritual trials. She must evade Chinese officials and spies who are trying to prevent the manuscript from being returned,

outwit the political intrigues of Tibetan monks, and undertake extraordinary hardships. But the novel is more than an adventure. It is a story about lost hope and personal rebirth. Sigourney has watched her own life unravel, and returning the ancient manuscript becomes her quest to find the self-confidence and inner peace to build a new one. She must strive to achieve her own Nirvana, just as the Tibetans have done for centuries. Her future and the future of Tibetan Buddhism depend on her success.