venice th


Robert Grey is an ordinary man caught in extraordinary circumstances. He is about to “walk the plank” into middle age, and he has traveled to Venice, Italy, with his wife, Rachel, to resuscitate himself and his marriage. Venice is where he came of age twenty-seven years ago, and he hopes returning there will quiet the demons clamoring inside his head. But when he visits his old hotel, he tumbles through time and returns to the Venice of his youth. Rachel has disappeared, and his Euros and credit cards are useless.

All seems lost until he meets Lucrezia Vicentino and her family and embarks on a series of thrilling and frightening adventures. He attends secret festivals sponsored by the Vicentinos for the elite families of Venice. He helps Lucrezia face the jealousies of an ex-lover and the threats of a rival family that wants to gain control of the festivals. And he tumbles through time again, to the 17th or 18th century, where he makes a remarkable friendship and faces life-changing challenges.

He manages to return to Lucrezia’s world, but he cannot find his way back to Rachel’s, and the more he becomes involved with Lucrezia and her family, the less likely it seems that he ever will. Then, the spell-binding world Robert has entered turns violent, and he must run for his life.